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1Like Post-Atlantean Paradise Spring Summer 2013 | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

08/03/2013 04:15:00

1 Like No Other observes dawn after the dark; a post-2012 Mayan calendar celebration. Our focus for Spring Summer 2013 is myth & legend of lost civilizations, rumoured to have begun in Polynesia, on the world’s largest mountain, Hawaii.

We celebrate our lost cultures and ancient wisdoms of the indigenous, in a post-apocalyptic world, having survived two world wars, and narrowly avoiding a third nuclear cataclysm. Could the ancient Mayans predictions be accurate, is 2013 the true beginning of peace on Earth?

The collection consists of shirts and jackets trimmed with all the usual flourishes that you have come to expect from 1…like no other. An indulgence of summer tones create unique prints and intricate textures which are complimented by pastel to neon satin printed ribbons and contrast highlight buttons. The result is striking stand out garments, a luxurious balance of the design against the tint.