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A Shirt Sale, Like No Other | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

10/01/2014 12:31:00


Here at 1…Like No Other, we do a shirt sale like no one else! With wallets tight in January, this is a perfect time to get the prints you love for less.

We’ve picked the best of our sale shirts to make it a little bit easier for you to choose. Here’s a break down of our top 9 sale picks.


1. Prather Shirt – A contemporary graphic art take on a paisley print. Was: £155, Now: £46.50 – http://bit.ly/1djQ79a

2. Thible Stripe Shirt – A colourful ditsy floral with our Spoons and Balloons print. Was: £130 Now: £39.00 – http://bit.ly/1gSpVBp

3. Anderson Roses Shirt – a patchwork of wild rose. Was: £130.00 Now: £39.00 – http://bit.ly/1bYDomb

4. Zapata Shirt – A dazzling combination of hand drawn stripes and floral prints. Was: £155.00, Now £77.50 – http://bit.ly/1am3xPu

5. Myers Shirt – Antique style jacquard with a steely leaf embroidery. Was: £170.00, Now: £51.00 – http://bit.ly/KI3S59

6. Jones Retro Shirt -Decorative victorian ditsy floral print with jade ribbon. Was: £139.00, Now: £30.00 – http://bit.ly/1evMadZ

7. Ladies Agnus Shirt – Our unique AW12 print inspired by womanly structures of 1900’s ‘corsets and gems’ . Was: £119.90, Now: £35.70 – http://bit.ly/1iXDSRT

8. Ladies Prudence Pink Shirt – A rich celebration of roses sketched and drawn on a textured ground, trimmed with our unique print trim. Was: £109.00, Now: £32.70 – http://bit.ly/19RNDfd

9. Ladies Savannah Shirt – This mini rosebud print yeilds charm with its silvery tones and pops of royal blue trim. Was: £109.00, Now: £32.70 – http://bit.ly/JMJz6o

Shop Men’s sale here – http://bit.ly/1gbJ4xk

Shop Women’s sale here – http://bit.ly/Ka9ODx