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AW12 Collection Is Here! | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

07/09/2012 10:40:00
The team at 1…like no other are really excited about the launch of our AW12 Collection. Taking inspiration from the early pioneers of aeronautical flight, and the intricate but epic beauty of Victorian hot-air balloon designs we believe this is our best collection to date.

The collection consists of shirts, jackets and a great collection of ties and as you would expect all items have the quirky 1…like no other handwriting that we all love.

The Shirts

Limited edition and trimmed with the unique spoon is a balloon fabric the shirt collection encapsulates all that is great about “1”.


Soft spray ornamental tone on tone jacquard with cobalt ribbon and peacock feather highlight button. Trimmed with our unique print in the original colour way.

Fact – did you know that Ed Yost designed the distinctive teardrop shape of the hot air balloon that we have come to recognise and see in the sky today?

Original Shirts by 1LNO


A graduated floral and spiral print trimmed with patchwork printed ditsy and airforce ribbon.

Fact – Henri Giffard invented the first air ship in 1852.


Intricate ditsy floral which will go with everything! Trimmed with unique spoons and balloons print and cobalt ribbon.

Fact – Joseph William Kittinger II – Born July 27, 1928 Kittinger broke the record for the highest parachute jump and came close to breaking the sound barrier in freefall, this record still stands today.

The Jackets

A collection of beautifully crafted limited edition jackets lined with our signature teapot tailor print. Luxurious brushed Italian flannel through to graduated striped super soft velvet we know that you will love them all!

The Ties

New for AW12 is our fabulous new collection of ties. Inspired by the Spoon Is A Balloon theme the designs invoke patriotic adventure, along with Victorian decorations, highlighting a new era. All 1…like no other  ties are limited edition, only 200 made, each with its own unique number.

The collection is now live on the website so why not sit back, relax and have a look around!