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AW12 Print - The Spoon Is A Balloon | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

07/09/2012 10:59:00

1…like no other’s Autumn Winter collection takes its inspiration from the early pioneers of aeronautical flight and the intricate but epic beauty of Victorian hot-air balloon designs.

The eccentricity and dream-like nature of balloon flying is invoked by fanciful period illustrations in our unique print and seasonal theme: ‘The Spoon Is A Balloon’.

Our seasonal theme ‘The Spoon is A Balloon’ uses the balloon aesthetic, which was buoyed by human romanticism and combines it with the image of the Victorian spoon, to create a story of dream to reality in our unique and surreal print.

Filled with delicately decorated spoons and balloons, the print is a sky bursting with hot air balloons; the strange dream of a Victorian balloonist.

The angel in the centre of the print trumpets a new era of aeronautical advancement by the pilots of the age.

Regal and military shades of purple and ink blue invoke patriotic adventure, and are given an edge by steely tones of ice blue, silver and gun metal. Highlights of gold and copper complete the intricate Victorian decoration.

Layered within the collection are rich jewels of colour, which nod towards a beautiful era – Teal, Aubergine, Gold and Regal Blue.

The Spoon Is A Balloon, original print available in Mulberry/Ink tones and also in deep Arora - our original colour way.