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Embrace the Winter Blues | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

11/11/2013 12:17:00

With a flash, summer came and went and now, all too soon, the chill of the festive season is upon us. But here at 1 Like No Other we believe in embracing the winter blues and our Autumn Winter 2013 collection certainly reflects this.
Dress like no other this party season with a 1 Like No Other original.

Stand out this festive season with the Ourania Shirt – a cobalt blue mosaic print shirt, trimmed with gold ribbon - http://bit.ly/HMS3JU
Toning it down slightly from cobalt blue, the Medusa Shirt, a smudgy polka dot print with black trim, pewter and tropic ribbon has a more understated festive feel- http://bit.ly/14XLjRy
Bring warmth to your outfit with the addition of a traditional festive colour. The Trochus Magnus Shell Shirt is trimmed with pewter and red flame ribbon and promises to warm up even the most understated of prints  - http://bit.ly/HRc94T

So don’t get beaten by the blues this winter. Shop the collection now - http://bit.ly/1bk2ko8