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Guy Fletcher and 1 Like No Other | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

01/11/2013 14:28:00

A great taste in music is often matched with a great taste in fashion.So when we heard that Guy Fletcher (the keyboard player of the Mark Knopfler band) had been mentioning us in his European tour diary this year we had to show you!

Guy told us he has been a huge fan of 1 Like No Other for over 3 years and that when it comes to picking show stoppers for his big gigs we’re always top of his list! In his 4th of July entry, Guy talks about a favourite shirt he wears for the most exciting gigs.

We are proud to be the brand behind that shirt.

‘Every ‘1 Like No Other’ shirt in the luxury collection is a genuine one-off. Commitment to quality limits production of each design to a mere 500 garments, assuring you of their exclusivity.The unique number carefully hand printed inside each one brings a whole new meaning to limited edition.’

If you were a fan of the Dire Straits or are a fan of The Mark Knopfler band then this blog is really worth checking out, it acts as more of a photo diary than a blog making it a great lunchtime browse.

Click here for a link to Guy’s shirt or any of the shirts we stock