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Introducing AW14 | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

28/08/2014 12:22:00




Conceptual Communication

From the master of storytelling, William Shakespeare, we borrow lines from Hamlet. Not just lines, but concepts… “What a piece of work is man… how like an angel… a god!

What does it mean to be human? To truly own the responsibility of conscious thought, and feeling?

We combine Shakespeare’s concepts with the form of his communication, the written word. Form takes inspiration from Nini’s Painting 1971, a poignant series of works by abstract artist Cy Twombly. What appear to be hand-written words, perhaps from a letter, tumble and overlap in rhythmical repetition, creating poetry of its own. Twombly’s paintings question the fragility of human emotion, in life, and in death.

We present our unique print for Autumn Winter 2014, The Script, our poetic ode to human communication and emotion, a suitable antidote to the hard-edged architectural lines in this season’s collection, contributing balance, and pause for thought (and feeling).