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11/02/2015 09:50:00

Wings and Strange Things

We’ve all been in the dark long enough, it’s time to let in the light! This summer, we fling open the doors of the butterfly house. Flight represents freedom, but what is freedom really? And are we ready? It may not be what we expect, and so we expect the unexpected; opportunity, possibility, and the excitement of change that crackles in the air like electricity. Our context is the natural world in the age of electricity; our butterflies, moths, dragonflies and bees organize around the man-made light bulb, celebrating our achievements thus far, while hinting at a wireless future; can electricity fly? How will energy move in the future? Our world simply reflects us, so how do we choose to fly in the future? We are all attracted to the light, and so we move forward into strange and exciting times, with new wings, discovering increasing levels of freedom as we travel through space & time.

With a light & optimistic spring in our step this season, we feature blushing pastel brights in Lilac, Teal & Aqua with Blueberry & Mulberry lowlights and Zesty Lemon highlights.

SS15-1 SS15-2

Constructing, building and creating are our print themes for SS15; time to create anew in this dawning optimism. Cranes fill sunset skies, suburban conurbation woven into tapestry-like florals, technical drawings feature on our ribbons, while paper art geometrics repeat alongside spirographic jacquards.

What will you create this season?