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OUR NEW WEBSITE... | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

21/02/2012 14:30:00

We are proud to announce the launch of our all new singing and dancing website. It’s taken a while but it was worth the wait!

As you enter our new look website you will be greeted with a moving animation of our unique print for spring summer 2012. The product view pages in ‘Collection’ sit on a plain white background so the emphasis is on our unique luxury shirt designs. If you hover over a shirt you will see the price and name before clicking to see the product in much more detail. This is where the big changes have happened. You can now see the very up close artistic details of our designer shirts by clicking the image. You will see the image of the shirt take over your entire screen! But don’t panic, just click anywhere on the unique shirt and it will go back to the product description view where you can simply carry on viewing the other shirts in our collection.

Click on the ‘blog’ tab for all the latest news, offers, announcements, product previews and competitions. Here you will see details of our current and previous collection prints. You will also find our Facebook page and latest tweets. Don’t forget to sign up to our email newsletter too!

The new collection style direction has been influenced by turn of the century advertising. Predating photography, industry relied on intricate hand-drawn sketches to raise awareness of their wares-to-market.

Weaving together, themes for current trend in birds on textiles with antique Toile de Joue, historically a natural partnership. However, our 1 like no other Unique Print is made ready for 3-D viewing, except that flamingo-face has nicked our 3-D glasses and has become rather attached to them. So we are forced to view our colourful and dada-esque finalé as a blurry cornucopia of feathered future vision.

Colouring in 3-D to 3-T; Tomato, Turquoise & Tea…