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03/03/2016 05:12:00


1 Like No Other goes Postmodern Pop, with our collage unique print – a cultural melting pot. We borrow inspiration from the artist Frank Stella and his sculptural collage of pop-style geometric shapes in bold colours. Into the mix we sprinkle Orphic art circles reminiscent of Sonia Delaunay’s paintings. Finally we blend the strong trend for traditional Japanese print to endow our story with a travel theme, Pop Goes Japan!

The influence of art continues to be a strong theme in fashion, and so we blend the Japanese artist Hiroshige, with the genius of Frank Stella, and an influence of Sonia Delaunay.

There’s a hint of feel-good nostalgia here too, with 1950’s and 60’s colour tinting and cultural references; soda pop bottle caps merge with oriental flora in warm peachy-gold tones, coral blossom reflections in water ripples, ochre landscapes and blue mountains, tree green, land of the rising sun red.

Enjoy the journey, and remember…

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