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The Brownlee brothers dressed in 1 like no other shirts for Olympic dream | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

31/07/2012 12:15:00

You may have heard that a little event like the Olympic Games is happening in London during the summer. As many athletes have made their way to central London the Brownlee brothers have been pictured wearing limited edition shirts from our collection here at 1 Like No Other.

The two triathlete brothers where dressed to kill, or win as we hope, in preparation for upcoming social events that come hand in hand with the Olympics. Over the next month the brothers will be wearing our shirts as they take part on their social duties for Great Britain.

Their date with destiny is on the 7th of August at 11.30AM were they will compete against each other in one single race. Sadly there can only be one winner, however, if this was based on style, both the brothers would come first place wearing our unique and beautifully designed shirts.

Alistair, 24, and Jonny, 22, kindly invited the Yorkshire Evening post to watch them being suited and booted at the Baird Group in their home town of Leeds. They were fitted wearing Alexandre Saville Row suits and our beautifully printed shirts. They were hardly recognisable without their British athlete sports clothing, but they certainly pulled of the tailored look!

Soon the brothers will be traveling to central London to race for their lives, but before then they are spending as much time at home in Leeds training along the winding country roads.

All eyes are on the two focused brothers as they are predicted to win big this year in their home country. All we know is that we will be waving our British flags and screaming at the television cheering them to bring home the gold! Go team GB.

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