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This week’s top choice men’s 1/500 limited edition... | Casual Shirts | 1 Like No Other

13/07/2011 15:43:00

This week’s top choice men’s 1/500 limited edition shirts have been chosen for their bright summer colours.

Hundred Leaves Shirt - Epic, intense and cavalier: this oversized floral print is a truly standout piece whose personality blossoms with the season. Shades of indigo, blue and cyan all combine to glorious effect.

Hearts Ease Shirt - This soft pink floral paisley shirt is out to win your heart and wrap you up in its luxurious high shine cotton fabric. Hold it close and feel the warmth of personality in its exclusive Pandora print.

Forget Me No Shirt - Guaranteed to live long in the memory, no-one feasts on this stunning high-shine cotton shirt and forgets it in a hurry. Its irregular stripes are utterly resplendent in hot pink, purple, aqua and blue.